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Once upon a time

First Threads

 “Make me a game, daddy.”*

Okay, a game about what?


Hmmm. What kinds of princesses?

“Oh, you know daddy, pirate princesses, ninja princesses, skateboard princesses…”

Yes. Yes, I can do that.

And so the first threads of Princess World came together on a rainy day during a conversation with my daughter. She’s young right now; she doesn’t know how to read yet and is working hard on getting her letters figured out, but I’m writing this for her.

She and I have had a lot of great conversations; I’m always surprised and delighted with what children actually think about. I’ve had the privilege of spending a lot of time with her as she grows up; all the various milestones, big and small, the maybes and could-bes turning into truths right before my eyes. She’s certainly my idea of a princess, and, I think, I’ve gleaned the truths of what she thinks a princess is:

Someone who’s smart, capable, independent, helpful, willing to be helped, and just generally awesome. Maybe someone like her mom. (Sorry, dear.)

That means that this game is a love letter to my daughter; it’s hers.

Though I’m sure she’d be willing to share, if you ask nicely and are willing to be amazing.

Let’s go to Princess World and see what we can weave together.

*As a dad, I’ll admit my first mental response was, “Poof, you’re a game, dear.”

Drawing Things Together

This is a development and playtesting site for Princess World, a Powered by the Apocalypse game about girls who rule.

Much more to come.


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